Rudy Kurniawan

Rudy Kurniawan

This section is a comprehensive look at the life and trial of Rudy Kurniawan, arguably the largest counterfeiter of fine wine—ever.   You may ask, why give him his own section?   Well, in our humble opinion if someone has reportedly counterfeited and sold over 100 million dollars of wine, we felt that type of story was worthy of its own section—not just to highlight what happened but to let it serve as a notice to others in the industry that it can and will happen again.

Rudy may currently be behind bars, but the high-profile nature of his case has reverberated across the globe and it has affected all areas of the industry, not just fine wine. In his wake he’s shown others that counterfeiting can be extremely profitable.   But perhaps even more importantly it has enhanced focus on the fine wine niche, which has led counterfeiters to also take their tactics to the less policed and scrutinized areas of the market. This means that not only the private wine collector that has amassed 1000’s of bottles of fine and rare wine is affected, but also because counterfeiters are now zeroing in on lower price-point wines as well, the everyday consumer of wine is now being affected.


The Trial

An in-depth look at the historical trial of Rudy Kurniawan. We’ll take you inside the trial with detailed information, including court documentation, the prosecution and ultimately his sentence and jailing.


Evidence - House Of Counterfeit Horrors

House of Counterfeit Horrors

A visual look and descriptions of the evidence compiled at the house of Rudy Kurniawan where the production of the counterfeiting of millions of dollars of wine occurred.


Evidence - Wine Production

Wine Production

We take a look at the methods of Wine Production that Kurniawan applied to counterfeiting some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The wine production evidence shows everything from his ‘To Do Lists’ of which wines to fake, to the digital templates created to counterfeit some of the most recognizable labels in the marketplace.


Known & Suspected Sales

Known & Suspected Sales & Sales Related Docs

We’ll detail where Rudy has, and was suspected to be a seller of counterfeit wine in order to give our members transparency of those particular sales in case they were on the purchase-end of those transactions. We’ll provide documentation of what he sold, where he sold it and when the sale occurred.


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