Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting Presentation & Authentication Training

21-22 October, Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

We are returning to Hong Kong to conduct our two-day, intensive Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Seminar and Authentication Training. If you work with or collect fine and rare wine – this seminar is for you.

The three-part seminar covers the scope and types of wine fraud, as well as the most common practices of wine counterfeiters, and the basics of wine authentication. We share the risks and counterfeit tells that alert authenticators to empower participants to spot, and prevent, counterfeit bottles from becoming a part of their inventories.

The seminar is broken into three sessions:

21st October, Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

9:30am – 12:30pm      Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting Presentation (Morning Session only USD$650)

12:30pm – 1:30pm     Lunch included for those attending the afternoon session

1:30pm – 4:45pm       TCM® Authentication Training Level I (Full Day USD$2250)


22nd October, Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

9:30am – 4:45pm        TCM® Authentication Level II (Full Two Days USD$5400)

Lunch included

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Session 1: Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting Presentation (Morning Session only USD$650)

A fast paced introduction to the multifaceted world of Wine Fraud including the many kinds of bottle counterfeiting.

Presentation topics include:

  • The size and scope of the issue
  • The history of wine fraud
  • Different types of wine fraud including theft, salvage wines being resold into markets, investment scams, futures scams…
  • Infamous Counterfeiters – the OGs
  • Infamous Counterfeiters – New Kids on the Block
  • The different types of bottle counterfeiting
  • A brief overview of authentication inspection
  • Our 16-point checklist – the major topics of assessment for authenticity
  • The intricacies of ink, printing, paper, and typography and all aspects of a bottle
  • Fighting back against wine fraud and counterfeiting


Session 2: TCM® Authentication Training Level I (Fully Day USD$2250)

Attendees are provided a starter authentication tool kit and are encouraged to bring a bottle for the hands-on workshopping.


Training Level I topics include:

  • Tools of the trade: A discussion and demonstration of authentication tools
  • Overview of the 16-points of authentication
  • Different print methods and how to spot counterfeit print
  • A comparison of authentic and counterfeit bottles from major producers
  • Vetting bottles for provenance: How to inspect to glean information about past storage and current bottle health
  • Workshopping: Attendees work in small groups and use their tools to inspect counterfeit examples as well as the bottles they brought
  • A discussion of current antifraud
  • Best Practices


Session 3: TCM® Authentication Training Level II (Full Two Days USD$5400)

Targeted to members of the trade who regularly work with fine and rare wine or who seek to become wine authenticators as well as collectors who are looking to protect themselves from bad investments, Authentication Training Level II is a full day of in-depth authentication training and information. Attendees are encouraged to bring 2-3 bottles to use in workshopping.

Training Level II topics include:

  • Deep dive into the elements and importance of the 16-points of authentication
  • TCM® Systematic Approach to Authentication & Inspection Protocols
  • The details and what we look for on all the top fine wines, old and recent using authentic and counterfeit examples side-by-side
  • Antifraud to employed by top producers
  • Extensive Workshopping sessions include comparing counterfeit bottles with legitimate bottles, and those attendees bring


Participants gain a thorough understanding of the authentication process and by the conclusion of the day should begin to have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of the authentication of fine and rare bottles.


Attendance size is limited.

Presentation and Level I Training is required before attending the Level II course.

Attendee work history and two professional references are required for admission.

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Online Intro Course (USD$2500)

We have developed an online-only introduction training course for those looking for training from the comfort of their home or office.

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TCM® Certified Authentication Training*

Become a Certified Authenticator!

Our 10-module training program invigilated by Siobhan Turner, MW is an immersive combination of online presentation, video meetings, projects and reporting, and hands on authentication training in real-world settings.

With increased interest in having bottles authenticated, we are looking to grow our international network of authenticators.

Learn more here.

*Either the in person, 2-day seminar or the online intro course are a prerequisite.




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