The need for wine and spirits fraud education and authentication training is critical in the fight against the rampant, and ever-growing, blight of wine and spirits counterfeiting and fraud occurring around the globe.

For the last several years, the team has conducted successful public presentations in Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and New York City to share our knowledge and a bit of our skills – as much as can be shared on this vast topic in 2 days. Thank you to all who attended.

We are now turning our focus to the education of our TCM Certified Authenticator trainees, and the deployment of the Chai Vault solution. Thus, we have no plans nor intentions to conduct public presentations and trainings in the future. However, we will remain available to private groups and institutions interested in hiring us to conduct bespoke versions of the Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting presentation, and the Authentication Training seminars, which can include spirits.

If you are interested in having us travel to your firm or organization to conduct education and training, please contact us at

We are actively looking for dedicated individuals to join our global team of TCM Certified Authenticators. TCM Authenticator training is a combination of online presentation, self-study, guided assignments, online invigilation meetings and practical experience working alongside Maureen Downey, Siobhan Turner and Hugo d’Houwt in real-work experiences. There are 10 modules, and training takes the better part of a year to complete.

Once certified, TCM Authenticators are licensed to use The Chai Method authentication to their own customers, and to deploy the Chai Vault solution in the secondary market. TCM Authenticators are not employees they are licensees who service their own customers, be those people who come in through that we hand over, or clients they contract on their own.

Certified, licensed TCM Authenticators are the only people able to deploy the Chai Vault solution in the secondary market. Demand for this recently announced solution is impressive. The potential need for input is astounding.  To meet this demand, we will need a full army of certified, licensed TCM Authenticators around the globe to deploy the solution to the many vendors and collectors who are looking to provide transparency to wine and spirits transactions.

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