To raise awareness of wine fraud and counterfeiting issues in the wine trade and among consumers, to educate members on the core principles of wine authentication, and to provide members with information and resources to increase authenticity in their wine.


At, we are committed to eliminating wine fraud and enabling a more transparent and authentic global wine marketplace. We do this by providing education and analytical tools to our members to instill confidence that they are making only sound purchases and sales. We take great pride in our role as advocates of wine authentication for vendors, buyers, and producers of fine wine by enabling vendors to demonstrate due diligence in education on matters of wine counterfeiting and sourcing, thereby providing assurance to consumers and colleagues. Our mission is to make it difficult for wine fraudsters and their enablers to thrive by raising awareness and increasing both vendor and purchaser due diligence. Our goal is to stop wine counterfeiting and fraud, full stop.

It is important to note that in order to respect the producers who are being counterfeited, we are not able to simply publish a cheat sheet of data about many of the changes they have made throughout the years, and the anti-fraud technologies and measures specific producers are employing or have employed at given times. However, if you follow the information on authentication, and learn what to look for, and what to know, combined with information from the gallery of counterfeits and the counterfeit bottles and evidence – many of the counterfeit tells and inconsistencies will become apparent. We are always available to answer specific questions, and we hope you understand this delicate balance we must strike between educating people on how to spot counterfeits, and protecting producers.

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