If you have specific authentication requests that would require your wine bottle(s) to be shipped to a storage facility, we have partnered with Xpeditr to ship your wines anywhere in Canada and the United States in their temperature and humidity controlled fleet to ensure optimal conditions on their way to the storage facility or back to you.

Since 2005, Xpeditr Inc. has helped wine collectors get their vintage treasures relocated via secured climate controlled transport.
We specialize exclusively in White Glove residential handling and Logistics for both private and commercial wine clients.
Trust and boutique customer service are the values we cultivate to preserve each one of our client’s liquid history.

You can contact Xpeditr at (844) 809-8785.

Storage Facilities

If you have specific authentication requests that would require our experts to travel, we have selected several storage facilities throughout the world where you can arrange to have your wines shipped to their temperature and humidity controlled facilities to ensure optimal conditions during the inspection process.

Here is a list of storage facilities and their locations. We can of course perform an inspection anywhere in the world, should you choose us to come to you.

Oeno Vaults, An offsite wine storage solution that provides the following services: wine pick-ups, by-the-bottle inventory management, individually alarmed, climate controlled wine vaults, shipping and delivery.

Since 2004, Iron Gate Wine has been working with collectors in Canada and around the world for their temporary and long-term wine storage needs, selling their collections through private and auction sales, inventory management and for general wine collection consultation.

Iron Gate Wine operates a subterranean vault within minutes of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Toronto. The facility is environmentally controlled to achieve a constant temperature of 13 degrees Celsius with humidity ranging between 60-75%. Security and environmental systems are backed up with an onsite generator in the event of power failure. Iron Gate Wine also manages a wine storage facility just north of the city of Toronto in Vaughan.

Iron Gate Wine’s Buffalo Wine Storage facility, located in Upstate New York, is ideal for Canadians who are looking to get their US purchased wine closer to the border for repatriation and US collectors who’ve purchased from IronGate.Wine and other wine retailers in the US.

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