is the collaboration of a team of professionals and experts in the following fields:

Fine & Rare Wine Experts: Contribute fundamental information and education about wine in general as well as fine & rare wines that are, or might be counterfeited.

Wine Authentication Experts: Essential information, tips and training on how to be an authenticator from experts.

Large Wine Production Experts: Contribute important information on the counterfeiting, adulteration and intentional mislabeling of large production wines across the globe.

Supply Chain Experts: Contribute critical information on the areas of weakness and potential fraud in different areas of the supply chain.

Far East Counterfeiting Experts: Contribute vital information about practices and Issues to be addressed by Members with products in China, and those looking to do business in China.

Legal and Law Enforcement Opinions and Experiences: Contribute information about what has occurred in the past and valuable information to producers, vendors and other trade members about how they can protect their brands, and their customers.

Journalists: Contribute expertly written depth producer profiles, articles about issues and happenings affecting the world of wine, and short quips about current events or commentary on wine fraud stories in the news.

This variety of knowledge contributes to’s unique offering of providing our members with a unique resource on all sectors of the wine industry.

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