Siobhan Turner, MW Consulting Executive Director & Senior Consultant, Europe, Authentication Expert

Since early 2013, Siobhan has been working closely with Maureen Downey, in particular on authentication.  She spent many hours closeted in a windowless room at the Department of Justice reviewing the physical evidence from the Rudy Kurniawan wine fraud trial, and has worked closely with Maureen on major authentication clients over the past two years.

From 2004 to 2013, Siobhan served as Executive Director of the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW).  In this role, she turned the Institute’s finances and operations around, grew membership by 25% and more than doubled member engagement.  She is particularly proud of the increase in the international reach of the Institute, a key focus of her tenure.  During this time with the IMW, Siobhan had the privilege to experience some of the world’s finest wines and connect with some of the most talented winemakers.

Originally from Canada, and now living in London, England, Siobhan is fluent in French and also speaks some Spanish.  Prior to the IMW, Siobhan qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young, and then worked in investment banking and investor relations.  Siobhan received her MW in 2021.

“Wine authentication is an art that can take many years to master. I am as impressed as I am humbled at the skill and insight Siobhan has shown after working with me to become an authentication expert in just two years. I buried her in information, and she quickly turned it into expertise at a level that I could never have expected. It is wonderful to have another wine authentication expert on our team. There is so much wine out there to remove from the market!”                   

-Maureen Downey, Owner/Founder Chai Consulting LLC

Siobhan will be a frequent content contributor to discussing many different areas of the wine industry as well as providing Authentication Services to our member clients in Europe.