Collection Management

Building, growing, and managing wine collections can be overwhelming. No matter how knowledgeable and passionate you are, what started as a hobby can become more job than enjoyment.

Maureen Downey started Chai Consulting in 2005 to do the work for collectors, allowing them to maximize the enjoyment of their inventories, with none of the hassle.

Our experts provide ongoing white-glove wine collection management service or can set up systems that can be easily maintained.

Cellar Planning

Whether building a new collection or upgrading an existing cellar, our experts plan and execute personalized strategies for acquisitions and liquidations to meet optimum current and future inventories.

Inventory Taking, Reconciliation, Reporting

Bespoke drinking advisory reports with storage locations, drink dates, professional ratings and scores and other requested information can be supplied and updated at the interval of the clients choosing.

Organization and Re-Organization

Our experts organize home cellars and storage lockers based on the individual collector’s preferences and consumption patterns.

“Keen, experienced, and methodic is how I describe Maureen’s approach to wine authentication. Maureen Downey’s knowledge and experience have served as an invaluable tool in identifying questionable, highly collectible, often older, wine bottles I purchased. Based on her findings, I was able to return bottles I had purchased or intended to purchase. I highly recommend her service as a wine professional!”
– James Grandison, Professor of Ethics, Victim of Rudy Kurniawan Counterfeits

Collection Management