Bring us your bottles for Authentication

10th February, 2017 Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Chai Consulting, LLC will host a first of its kind wine authentication clinic in Hong Kong at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 10th February, 2017. Wines brought can be looked at, in person, by our Master Authenticators, and findings can be delivered verbally*, or formally in the form of written reports for counterfeit bottles, or if authentic, the bottles can be placed into our revolutionary, blockchain based TCM® Wine Vault by Everledger.

Once you purchase your authentications, we will email you about your preferred appointment reservation. Appointment reservations will be made first come first serve, so if you have a preferred time, we suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

If you have more than 24 bottles you would like us to inspect, please contact us for a private appointment.

If you would prefer we travel to you and your wine, to look at a few bottles or your entire collection, please contact us and we can schedule that for you here.

Sign up by purchasing the authentications below.

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We reserve the right to refuse service and attendance.

*Results from Verbal Reports cannot be used for marketing or sales, nor remuneration, and must remain confidential. For more information about the terms of conditions, see here.