Wine Descriptions, Serial Numbers, And To Whom/By Whom They Were Sold

It has been said that Rudy was not an organized person. He was often very late to dinners and events, and many around him found him to be more aloof than precise. Based on the documentation Kurniawan kept about his counterfeiting and sales, at least the documentation seized by the FBI at the time of his arrest, this was all an act. His notes and detailed description of exactly what wines, in what formats he sold to whom, listed by serial number and name of buyer, or vendor, tell the story of a very meticulous criminal indeed.

The “To Do” lists in which he notes to himself all the things he needs to do to complete his counterfeit masterpieces to get them to sale document his crimes in a different way. These documents give us fascinating glimpses into the working mind of Rudy Kurnmiawan, and again, support that he was indeed a careful, organized criminal.

We have administrators cataloguing this information and will have a list at some point of all the wines Rudy noted that he sold, and to whom, for example his friends “(RR)”, Rob Rosania, “(JK)” John Kapon, and auction houses like, “(Christies)” or even particular sales like “(CII)” or THE Cellar II, at Acker Merrill and Condit. In some cases, he even notes all three pieces of information: The vendor, the sale and the buyer, “(JK-II-Eddie).”  We look forward to sharing the decrypted information once we have catalogued it. Interestingly, if you look at the Post sale reports in the Post Sales Docs section, a number of the initials will be very obviously matched to individuals.

Louis Vuitton Diary of Wine Sales & Serial Numbers Sold to Individual Buyers & Auctions

Another Document Showing Wine Descriptions, Serial Numbers, And To Whom/By Whom They Were Sold


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