Authenticate My Wine


“Maureen’s advice is sound. She is the Queen of sniffing out fakes”– Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW


Whether concerned about a single bottle of wine, or an entire cellar of them, pondering purchasing fine and rare bottles, or curious about bottles purchased decades ago, we determine the authenticity and health, and thus investment value/saleability of your bottles. Independent, third-party authentication protects investment, mitigates purchase risk, and assists in the attaining of remuneration for bad/counterfeit and out of condition purchases.

  • Fine and rare wine markets are flooded with old and rare and recent release counterfeit bottles.
  • New, better counterfeits are being made and sold every day.
  • Counterfeits seep in, permeating even legitimate sales channels and are sold by unknowing, uneducated, careless, or dishonest vendors.
  • Counterfeits are sold everywhere: brokers, retailers, online sales platforms, online auctions, and some live auctions.
  • Shockingly, unscrupulous vendors take vetted counterfeits back from aware buyers and resell them to unsuspecting new buyers.


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We can travel to you, or you can send bottles into one of our trusted storage partners or Certified TCM™ authenticators around the world for inspection. If you need help arranging shipping, our logistics partner, Xpeditr, is ready to help.

GDV Fine Wines- Hong Kong
Real Wine, Florida, USA
67 Pall Mall- London, UK
Wine Logistics- UK
The Wine Auction Room- Auckland, New Zealand

Beaune, France – please inquire


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Inspection And Reporting


Bottle inspections follow The Chai Method™, Maureen Downey’s proprietary systematic inspection method employing state-of-the-art, forensic investigation, assessment, and analysis techniques.

Findings are delivered in either Verbal Reports for pre-purchase, or initial sample of larger cellars, or Formal Written Reports for pre-sale authentication verification to use in bottles’marketing, or for remuneration of bad purchases.



Chai Vault Input


Bottles deemed authentic or consistent with known authentic examples and production standards, are certified in our groundbreaking, blockchain-secured, digital ledger, the Chai Vault. TCM™ inspection and bottle data, photographs and provenance information are registered and a bottle’s individual blockchain Ledger of Authenticity & Provenance. Future resellers can post a bottle’s URL Ledger so potential buyers can see the authenticity and provenence information online, prior to purchase. New buyers can have Ledgers updated with their purchase information to keep the provenance chain unbroken.

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More information about Chai Vault, here.