Brunello di Montalcino Villa Poggio Salvi 2008 Lot L-B222

Given the recurrence of reports of fake bottles found on the European market, with this report we want to make the situation public in order to warn and protect our customers.

The ones we’re referring to are bottles of Brunello di Montalcino Villa Poggio Salvi 2008 Lot L-B222.

As seen on WineBerserkers: The labels have been printed in a lower definition than the original ones, and the cap is anonymous, while all our caps have a stamped company logo (obviously it can be seen only once the bottle has been uncorked, therefore it’s not immediately possible to notice the difference).

The greatest mistake was made with the application of the DOCG label: on the fake bottles, it is placed in vertical (left image), while in all our original bottles it is placed horizontally around the bottle neck (right image). Professional Members receive Fraud Alerts when we hear of fraud throughout the world from our vast network of partners. To get Fraud Alerts, become a Professional Member.