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WineFraud.com is the first ever wine counterfeiting, wine fraud and wine authentication educational resource available in the world. People who love and work with wine and want to be sure they are buying, selling and trading only authentic wine will benefit from the education they can gain with membership at WineFraud.com.

WineFraud.com members enjoy unparalleled expert information from our team as well as supporting resources from the most comprehensive database of wine fraud evidence in the world. Photo galleries of authentic and counterfeit bottles, evidence labels, microscope photos of ink and print from authentic and counterfeit bottles can be compared side by side. Information about paper, corks, capsules and glass, and extensive information about vintages and producers as they relate to being counterfeited, counterfeit evidence including detailed notes on that evidence with, at times, graphic depictions of all the things counterfeiters got wrong are all described in detail. WineFraud.com is updated regularly with new findings and evidence to ensure members have the latest information about all aspects of wine fraud and how to authenticate fine and rare wines.

By providing a higher level of awareness of all matters related to wine counterfeiting and wine fraud, we hope to be part of creating a more transparent marketplace for the consumer while assisting producers and vendors in the ongoing protection of their brands and reputations across the globe.

“WineFraud.com is an invaluable resource for those in the investment grade wine business.  Maureen has created an incredible site that assists those of us dedicated to stamping out fraud in our industry.  If you’re serious about wine authentication, this is the only place.”

-Warren Porter, Iron Gate – Private Wine Management


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