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New to Look at

Noellat: New images of ink on the labels, as well as…

The Importance of Storage Conditions for Wine

By: Jamie Goode

We all know that wine is sensitive to poor storage conditions, but the key question is this: just how sensitive? In this report I’m going to look at both the theory and also the evidence, with special attention given to proper scientific attempts to examine this…

The True Cost of Counterfeit Wine in F&B Outlets

By: Etienne Paumier

In July 2018, the Spanish Guardia Civil arrested­­ Alex Estevez of the famous Don Alex restaurant in Querceda as well as 4 other persons accused of producing counterfeit bottles of Vega Sicilia and Pingus before selling them in the restaurant or via online platforms (total benefits estimated…

NEW ON WINEFRAUD.COM: December 20, 2018

The final update of the year is jam packed with content! We have four news stories from around the world that are as different as can be and show the gamut wine fraud can encompass. Two of our TCM Authenticator Trainees have blogs about the program. And finally thousands of…

Reiwern Blog

By: Reiwern Foo

The Case for an Authenticator

The journey to become a full-fledged TCM Authenticator has been beguiling so far, where one’s declaration of this endeavour is often met with reaction that run the gamut from captivated interest, genuine perplexity to absolute scepticism.

The one common question that follows…

Seth Box Blog

By Seth Box

Earlier in the summer, I was fortunate to receive an invitation to address a group of affluent private banking clients in Aspen.  I was discussing wines from different regions around the world, while my counterpart from the bank covered the salient investment topics from the same areas. …