Under Investigation: Other Wine Frauds

Wine Fraud is an umbrella term for the various ways that fraud has impacted the wine industry. While the most documented cases of wine fraud are about counterfeited wine, there are many other types of wine fraud. Wine investment frauds have become increasingly common, storage frauds which include the storage facilities selling their clients’ wine while the clients believe their wine is safe, and fraud in the workplace: just like any company internal fraud happens in the wine industry.  All of the “other” wine frauds are covered in this member-only section, along with some of the biggest counterfeiting cases in the history of wine. Below are the new stories we have upcoming.

Koch Vs Greenberg

Part 16, and the on-going trial covered by Siobhan Turner.


Storage Frauds

Storage with deep clean wooden floors, facilities across the world are selling their clients’ wine without their consent or knowledge. So why aren’t these cases going to court?